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  • ADLER Aqua Step Silent - Clear water varnish 4 kg.

ADLER Aqua Step Silent - Clear water varnish 4 kg.


Transparent, water-based varnish for stairs, reworkable, 1- or 2-component, preventing their creaking and showing anti-slip properties ; very good abrasion resistance, very good filling effect, good resistance to adhesion of adhering layers, very good chemical resistance, good transparency, very good adhesion on vertical surfaces, resistant to creams and fats.


ADLER Aqua-Step Silent 3043 varnish can be processed with 1 or 2 components.

With 1-component processing, the requirements for load classes A and B are achieved.

Due to the high resistance, it is possible to achieve the highest load class C in accordance with ÖNORM C2354, we recommend 2-component processing - using 7% ADLER Aqua-PUR Härter 82220 hardener.


Delivery: 3-5 working days.

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