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  • Ledix MUNA
  • Ledix MUNA
  • Ledix MUNA
  • Ledix MUNA
  • Ledix MUNA
  • Ledix MUNA
  • Ledix MUNA

Ledix MUNA

Frame Color
Light color

Product symbol: LEDIX_MUNA_14

Product Name:

Zamel Ledix Muna Standard 14V LED light fixture.


MUNA is a high quality LED luminaire of decorative and utility nature.

It is used in illuminating corridors, staircases,

decorative highlighting of furniture and creating light arrangements in

interior architecture.

The luminaire is characterized by:

- easy installation with double-sided tape, adhesives or screws

installation (dedicated screwing to Ø60 junction box)

- IP44 protection degree, which allows it to be installed outdoors

- luminous flux emitted on 2 planes: the bottom and


- excellent lighting parameters obtained by using

highest quality LEDs from CREE company

- repeatability of light color

- high luminous flux with minimal power consumption

- high quality workmanship and durability estimated at 5 years of continuous

illumination (~40 000 h).



- Zamel's ZNP, ZNN, and ZNM series power supplies are dedicated to powering the luminaires.

and ZNM in 14 V DC version.

- The power supply should be selected according to the number of powered luminaires.

- Luminaires with RGB diodes require the use of an additional, external

RGB driver - it is recommended to use drivers of Zamel company

with symbols SLR-11, SLR-12 and SLR-13


Dear customer: Complex products, i.e. Products that contain check boxes of properties that you specify and order according to your needs are made especially for you and are not returnable. Only simple products that come in one form are subject to return/exchange.


Delivery: 3-7 working days.

Attention !!! - other Models and Colors - Write to us ...

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