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Stair Overlays

Overlays dedicated to covering old stairs.

The overlays are made in layered technology (STL *)
The core is 8 mm thick hardwood plywood, and the top and bottom layers are 4 mm thick lumber

The step has a thickening on the front part which makes the cover visually appear like a thick solid step.
The overlays are designed to be mounted between the racks / between the walls

Thickness in the overlay - 15-16 mm
Front thickness - 40 mm

In order to install the cover plate, the front surface of the step extending beyond the edge (toe) must be cut out.

* STL System

1. Step core / overlay

2. Bottom veneer / bottom
- thickness 4 mm
- finish depending on the class:
AA (nice on both sides)
AB (nice top / only top)

3. Top / top veneer
- thickness 4 mm


4. Finish:
- Oil - 2 layers
- Varnish - 3 layers
- Stain + varnish - 3 layers of varnish

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